Advanced H.R solutions

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Advanced H.R Solutions   What is advanced H.R? Advanced H.R solutions suggest strategic ideas to counter the global issues related to Human resources management. Advanced H.R also introduces ways to improve the relationship between employees and employers in depth. It multiplies the role of senior H.R who had to manage members of any organization and the environment of working conditions. But an updated version of H.R resolves problems related to the structure of organizations as well as an overview of … Continue reading “Advanced H.R solutions”


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  ¬†Work from Home Work from home is a subject that is discussed everywhere especially during the pandemic. Many people have become jobless and trying to get any online employment opportunities. Due to that digital work is made vaster by different associations through easy and accessible soft wares. The world of the internet has become the very first need for survival in this era. The mode of offices has been changed from an ordinary office room to a kitchen, bedroom … Continue reading “WORK FROM HOME”

How to get a good job

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How to get a good job. I got an analysis from the observation that why it is too hard to find the first job after your Masters or higher education. I am going, to sum up, this is a very short and sweet summary. Here We Go… Why it happens: Because, Lack of career counseling, Market information, issues in Resume writing, and interview preparation strategies. First of all, we shall discuss self-enhancement and career counseling. What to Do: First of … Continue reading “How to get a good job”