Bukhari Consultancy

About Us

The strategic plan for HR consultancy consists of following high level objectives and action steps. We aim to Provide the back office services remotely to save cost for clients with expertise. Onboarding highly professionals with low cost with help of an Organized the team for the back office based on the client’s demands and projects. We have focal point to manage and deal with all the services we provide.

Our Mission

The mission of HR Consultancy is to be partnered with companies to provide highly professional services at very low cost under expert professional services with low casting and cast saving for clients.


what we do

1- HR Operational and Back office services
2- Financial Consultancy
3- Finance Operational and Back Office Services
4-Digital Marketing
5- Research and Development, Data Management.

For you

1-Process Development
2- People development
5- Efficient Manpower
6- A Clear workflow 7-Developing and Leading work environment
8-Increase in productivity

Our Fields Of Expertise​

HR Consultancy domain

Recruitment & Selection
HR Strategical Management
Human Capital Management
Recruitment & Selection
HR Strategical Management
Human Capital Management

finance Domain

Bookkeeping & accounting
Forecasting and budgeting
Financial Management

Payroll Management

Financial accounting

Functional Team Management

digital marketing Domain

WordPress Development

Social media Marketing

Social media mmanagement

SEO content writing

lead generation

email marketing

Research and Development Domain.

virtual assistant

Data collection


data entry


microsoft expert

we had worked with!



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