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People Process Technology

The People Process Technology (PPT) In the early 1960 people process and technology (PPT) framework started. This process was introduced to increase the efficiency of the operational tools and employees. Bruce Schneider popularized it in 1909sin the InfoSec world. Today almost every software company uses a framework for the management of information technology. To see …

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Smart HR

What is smart HR?   HR is the name of innovation, commitment, and finding new ways to increase the capacity and potential. To maximize the turnout of clients and employees. The goal that smart HR and its organizational approach design values to the satisfaction of clients. Smart HR is the name of managing the HR …

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kaizen Management

What Is Kaizen? Kaizen may be a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” it’s a Japanese business philosophy. It is the process that continuously improves operations and involves all employees. Kaizen sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process. The concept of kaizen encompasses a good range of ideas. …

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Impacts of HRM

Impacts of HRM H.R implications, their understanding Inc., says human resources management is introduced to manage the system of organization to handle employee’s affairs. Not just that but to manage the systematic culture of internal behavioral ethics of any company or organization. Basically, H.RM functions include major areas like recruiting staff, setting the employee’s role …

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Advanced HR solutions

Advanced HR Solutions   What is advanced HR? Advanced H.R solutions suggest strategic ideas to counter the global issues related to Human resources management. Advanced H.R also introduces ways to improve the relationship between employees and employers in depth. It multiplies the role of senior H.R who had to manage members of any organization and …

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   Work from Home Work from home is a subject that is discussed everywhere especially during the pandemic. Many people have become jobless and trying to get any online employment opportunities. Due to that digital work is made vaster by different associations through easy and accessible soft wares. The world of the internet has become …


HR Reskilling

HR reskilling           In this blog, I will discuss the top three new areas HR pros should master now to be the most effective in the modern workplace. Reskilling your employees for the better tomorrow:  if your company is willing to stay competitive, advanced, and want to go the extra mile, …

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HR selection process

     HR SELECTION PROCESS   Steps in the selection are very important to discuss, these steps can help you to learn about the HR selection process. Dale Yoder says: selection process of employees is divided into two classes those who will be offered employment secondly those who will not be offered employment. Basic steps …

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HR Development

HR Department is like a Car steering, it drives, moves, direct the company towards progress, productivity and success. HR Department need to be more proactive and advanced, The term used for it, is Called HR Development.



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