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   Work from Home Work from home is a subject that is discussed everywhere especially during the pandemic. Many people have become jobless and trying to get any online employment opportunities. Due to that digital work is made vaster by different associations through easy and accessible soft wares. The world of the internet has become the very first need for survival in this era. The mode of offices has been changed from an ordinary office room to a kitchen, bedroom … Continue reading “WORK FROM HOME”

Steps in the selection process in HRM

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Selection is the process by which candidates for employment are divided into two classes, those who will be offered employment and those who will not. “Dale Yoder” Particularly,  The Basic steps are as below. Steps in selection procedures. Reception of applications screening & Preliminary interview Application Blank Psychological test (Vary with Positions) Interview Background investigation Reference check Waiting List of desirable applicants Final selection by interviewers Physical examination Negative decision or Placement Reception of applications The first step is receiving … Continue reading “Steps in the selection process in HRM”


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RECRUITMENT- Can Flourish or Destroy Your Business Recruitment is the process of hiring a capable, active, goal-oriented, energetic workforce who can lead your organization in the right direction. If you have wish that your organization gain a well-reputed position in the names of businesses than follow the rule stated below;                                              “HIRE BEST EMPLOYEES” For this purpose, you need … Continue reading “Recruitment”