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How to get a good job

How to get a good job.

I got an analysis from the observation that why it is too hard to find the first job after your Masters or higher education. I am going, to sum up, this is a very short and sweet summary. Here We Go…
Why it happens: Because, Lack of career counseling, Market information, issues in Resume writing, and interview preparation strategies. First of all, we shall discuss self-enhancement and career counseling. What to Do: First of all, Be Calm & Relax, Have a long breath and be seated somewhere alone, and realize that your life is changed now. You are going into the next Era where you have to build up your image and need to be a brand.


Being an owner of your life you need to ask some questions, to realize to need for change towards a progressive life. You need to brainstorming not by a motivational speaker nor a career counselor, but you really yourself own. Because a career counselor cannot judge that what you really desire. Nor a career motivational speaker can understand the situation in which you are living .only you can identify and realize your hardships and think of their possible solutions under your credibility. The following questions can help you to analyze your needs.
Who you are? What do you want from your life? How long you need to be there in the situation you are living in? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What have you studied? You were best in what? Your achievements in school, college, university are? The project you did are? What do your friends and teachers think about you? What are your connections who can support you from where you can get information for the Job Market, who can train you with basics related to your field?
Here are the ingredients for having your first job even though you are fresh.

Job Market information:

The job that finds yourself of your interest search for interest. Go online and see if your ideal job is available at different platforms with different disciplines. Then check the criteria of that job to see if you’re educational background and your skill match with the offered job not. If you find that you lack some of the skills demanded to get a good job then don’t worry it’s not a big issue.
To get a good job you need to apply as more as you can on different platforms and different sites after verifying the advertisement. It is another important thing to keep in mind when applying for any desirable job. That job is advertised from an authentic source like national or regional newspapers, authentic websites. The second step to search for a good job is to don’t get lust when you see any attractive job offers online. Just have patience and don’t get hurry for applying first, research about its sources, see criteria and then apply.

Resume writing:

To get a good job Resume Writing is the main thing that one should be aware of. People don’t show interest and concern about their Resume, the writing . Most people just go to an ordinary computer typist and provide their experience to write their job Resume . Whatever format and style of presentation of Resume typist choose they agree with happily. Sometimes our experience and skills are wrongly defined and we even don’t care about them, we just let it go. Let’s discuss particular techniques to write an attractive Resume that help you to get a decent job.

Resume writing techniques:

Your Employment application and cover letter give your first impression to reciters, so write it carefully. First of all, choose an attractive Resume template from Google or M.S word. These templates also give you an idea through a predesigned sample over it. You just need to fill that template in an attractive writing style, free from Grammatical Errors.
It’s important to take the time to write targeted resumes and cover letters that specifically link your qualification. Moreover the hiring criteria for the jobs you are applying for. The hiring manager is going to be ready to see, at a look, why, and how, you’re qualified for the work. In this way, you’ll have a much better chance of getting to an interview. A targeted resume that you send with a generic cover letter should have a description that matches the

job description.

The second thing to get a good job is?
Interview preparation, when you get a call for an interview try and read job details, requirements again and again . After that imagine some of the possible question that the interviewer may ask you. To do so you have to think like an employer, if you were an employer what would you ask initially? The very first question which a job recruiter asks you is! Tell something about yourself. Well, t many people get confused by this question, that where should they start from? Keep in mind that an interviewer has already gone through your job experience, as well as your educational record. So don’t tell them they already know.
Make a sketch of your personality by telling them how did you go through challenges? What is your strength? How much efficient you are? In a manner that they like to hear you. You cannot do this till you have already not decided to talk. There are many social media sites that provide you facility for such queries and practice.
Which is the third important thing which hinders you to get a good job?
Her come personal behavior and outlook. This category to analyze a candidate during an interview and after Resume comes on top priority. The way you enter into an interview room. The way you have dress up yourself is like how do you maintain yourself. Your sense of social attributes dressing code you put on is your first impression.

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