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HR Development

HR Development Leads Organizational Development

What is HR Development?

The process to improve human skills through proper training to make them organized and competent for the achievement of the goal of any organization”.

Main Objective:

The main objective of t is to make a superior workforce to accomplish Company Vision and mission by of an organization.


The process is vast, as the organization has many options whether they choose the below means.

Formal medium:  like offering the different courses, certifications, in-house training at different levels.

The informal Medium: the way in which the manager gives on-site coaching to the down team.

In Different organizations, Goals are set department-wise or individually that needs to fulfill and measured based on KPIs.

whether it is a Business company, school, or restaurant, they have one thing in common that is they will Hire Competent and skilled employees.

As the competition between organizations is increasing day by day, Particularly, the organization focus on the development of human resources at the workplace.

HR Training:

Human capital is going to play a crucial role in the success of organizations in the coming years. Success only is achieved through human resource development. This leads to enhancing the potential of the employees to perform the job effectively and efficiently.

Organization Success:

The success of an organization mainly depends upon the management of its human resources and give them direction in a proper way.

Due to its importance, human resource development had become the key component of human resource management at the workplace.

The organization must give proper training to enhance the skills of their employees. For that, the organization must conduct orientation sessions for new employees.


Employees must be trained to use novel technologies.

For instance, they must use a PowerPoint presentation to conduct an effective presentation, how to set up an internet connection and use devices like mobile phones, etc.

besides these, they must know the workplace ethics and must be aware of sexual harassment.

Importance of the HR development

Every person has sets of abilities and strengths which make them suitable to perform a specific role in an organization. Human resource development recognizes the potential of employees whether is he capable to perform a job and recognizes whether the strengths in employees are permanent or erode temporary due to some specific conditions.

The human resources will create a beautiful environment in an organization that could be termed as a “Human resource development culture”.

Benefits of HR development Culture:

This culture promotes respect builds trust and a source of encouragement for the employees to dedicatedly participate in the affairs of the organization. Reduces distance between employees whether it is physical and psychological and gives them the feeling of a team. All these create a friendly environment where employees can openly share their ideas and promotes fairness in their work.

Aims of HR Development.

Human resource development aims to increase the potential of the employees to work to increase the effectiveness of the organization and its productivity.

The two main aims of HR development are as follows.

Improve the effectiveness of the organization.

Create linkage between the current reality of any organization with the external environment that helps an organization to become adjust to the external environment. Create collaboration between the different departments of the organization which results in the improvement of its effectiveness.

Promotes teamwork in which collective actions of the employees put their efforts into achieving the goal of the organization.

Career development of the individual.

career development is the process in which the performance of both HR and the enterprise could be enhanced. At the individual level, plans are created to test the levels in their jobs. After that their skills knowledge and efficiency could be determined. once the assessment is completed the organization becomes able to know the current needs of the employees and the future needs of the organization through career management. Then take the necessary steps to achieve that career plan through training and performance.

Benefits of Human resource development to the organization.

  • Friendly environment:
  • Human development through a friendly environment where individuals could enhance their competitiveness in a well-organized and disciplined way.
  • Collaboration between departments and promotes team works to achieve goals.
  • The current and future needs of both employees and organizations could easily find out with HR development.
  • It ensures a safe workplace where everyone is fair and trustworthy.
  • Trains employees with novel technologies.
  • Adds values to the individuals, teams, and organization as a human system.
  • Cost management of the organization and suggest better business strategies.
    HR development is an integral part of any business and its management. It will be valued only if quality HR training is given to the employees. This training implies from the CEO of the organization to the clean, So everyone needs proper training. One thing every organization should consider in mind that every individual is involved in the success of the organization.

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