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what Fascinate me

The human brain is a crazy place and there are two things that fascinate me the most about HR and People Management.

The concept of HR to Company, So that could increase the productivity up-to 20 % with smart HR Strategies and techniques.

Challenge of selecting the right person for right job in a right way that persuade and convince them to work as their own company becuase it can optimize and result in profitability.

Applied Approaches

I do apply the same thinking in People, process and technology management.

Similarly, i do apply the same approach in leadership because where you are connecting with your colleagues and teammates infact, you are connecting with the fun irrationally of their logic’s and perceptions as a result.

Further more, In order to bring new ideas to maximise the productivity and process effectiveness.




Previously, for 11 Years I did work as Recruiter, HR Operational executive, Organisational developer, HR Project Manager, HR Consultant, Process effectiveness which results in companies growth and development as a result of applied approaches.


Out of work, I have served on HR projects as a Consultant to design Organisational Chart, Policies and procedure, KPIs, Career Path, Job descriptions, soft skills training authority matrix etc.

Cricket Game Changer

For Instance, I am an avid cricket player. I consider myself as a game changer in Cricket infact, i am  a game changer because of my aggessive style who just want to hit all the balls out of the boundry.

Not Only but also i am Cricket team captain of British Council KSA Cricket Team.

My Education & Certifications.

Equally important, I have MBA in HR with SPHR, CTDP, HRMM, CSM and PMP and 34 professional Certification like HR Developer, KPIs and balance score card, Payroll Manager, Interview skills etc.

My Excitements 

🖤- What excites me about the work I am doing now?
Almost everything, I do what I love and I love what I do.

Interacting with senior and junior colleagues; working and collaborating with them; helping them; being inspired by them, All of this makes an impact on company likewise on my personal and professional growth.

My Believes

Be driven by our values. Be genuine, be positive and be energetic. Don’t expect things; earn them.

Last but not the least, i am quick learner and keep myself busy with learning new things by doing internet research or getting interact with professionals.


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