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HR Remote Services

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HR Remote Services

World is moving towards digitalization. In this era, it has become easy to search out an experienced and professional consultant living in other corner of the world. So that, you can consult him to find best possible solution related to your organizational problems. If you are facing difficulty in organizational issues and looking for a professional HR Manager & consultant than I am available. I have experience in HR management & consultancy and providing HR remote services.

Following Are My Expertise As HR Professional;

  • HR Management & Consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • HR Operation
  • Payroll & TG Calculation
  • Flow

  • Onboarding
  • HR SAP
  • Reporting
  • HR Audit
  • Success Factor
  • HR Cash Flow

My experience as HR professional is broad and I have provided my remote services to many companies for short & long term.

Following Are My Expertise As HR Professional;

  1. HR PATH Project:

I have 1 Year of Experience as Assist Project Manager.

1. Responsibilities Performed:

Processes, Procedure advancement, New Forms, JDs, JS and Job evaluation. KPIs, Performance management System, Authority Matrix,

2. HR Project:

I have worked for 2 Years as Project Manager in Al-Watania Group of industries and performed following responsibilities;

Responsibilities Performed:  Designing policies and procedures, Job descriptions with KPIs, Restructuring Organization Chart, Job titles, grades of employees, New Salary scaling, preparation of forms.

3. HR Project:

I have provided my services for 6 Months as HR Consultant to an Insurance Broker Company & Performed following tasks;

Responsibilities Performed:Re-Engineering and re-construction of Insurance broker company structure, Policies and Procedure, Terms and Conditions, JDs, Forms.



Currently, I am working as HR Analyst at British Research Council. In this current job, I am Providing all the data and required reports for SAP before Go live.  In addition to this, I am an HR representative for KSA to solve the tickets for KSA team by coordinating support team from India and UAE. I am also responsible to provide the required data in case & implementation of new module.Moreover, I am providing services for Recruitment, Selection and onboarding through SAP with MENA Team for teaching and non- teaching staff.

In conclusion, HR professional can lead any organization on the right path & can help it to achieve short term goals. Although, I belong to Pakistan & working in British Council (KSA) but I am providing my HR services to organization outside of these countries also. As, I am working as freelancer also & assisting clients efficiently. Therefore, If you need my assistance than you can contact me through sources provided on this website.