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HR trends for organizations lead to better management through enhanced performance and talent management making things simple.






In this blog post, I will focus on 7 major HR trends which are important.

  1. Holistic HRS

Of course, anyone could say holistic is a big term; Holistic, what exactly do you mean? `. The simple is that an HR team should approach issues from different angles. To make it simpler, I must say 360degree.

The HR should be connected to different parts of the organization. Although, its main focus is management at the same time it should be very present in all veins of the organization and close to the employees.

So holistic enter from different angles, parts, connections, and approaches, it will be very true if I can call HR as Colleagues services. That means HR should approach the same methodology as customer services adopt.

  1. Less focus on process improvement.

I had a lot discussion in many places with HR professionals and experts, most of them were highlighting on same questions.

How can we improve

The answer is very simple and effective, all companies are having a fantastic bunch of HR Policy and Procedures documents, Although, they must be old but can be revamped, revise, alter with a little twist.

I would take the liberty to say, an active and effective HR can participate in companies’ development, profitability up-to 20%. There comes a big question – How.

  • We can revise the processes.
  • Minimize the Cost
  • Working on employees’ benefits.
  • Working Environment etc.
  • People, Process and Technology Development.

Summarizing it in a very simple approach, we can get the best answer of How we can increase the profitability is.

Implementing the Continuous development strategical approach.

  1. Be kind

You could say “well that’s an open door, of course, be kind. But when you look in the HR domain there have been years that the slogan was more “let`s be tough and be kind.

Be kind is fundamental to any company`s HR processes. So, if your starting point is `let’s be kind’ the world looks a lot brighter. It realizes to employees that they are valued by the company.

  1. More appreciation of the complexity

We as human beings but also HR professionals and managers in organizations tend to simplify things. That’s what we like,

For example, ‘turnover is high, what can we do,

what is the measure that will decrease staff turnover?’. Engagement, we need to increase engagement.

What are the main drivers of engagement? But unfortunately, human behavior is not so simple to explain and not so simple to influence.

We need more appreciation for the complexity and luckily with all the help of people analytics. We can get a better view of the complex world and try to find out measures that will help us. So more appreciation of complexity.

  1. Adaptive systems

What we still see is that processes, and I mentioned process improvement are designed in a way that is, one size fits all.

With the technology of today, we can make the systems a lot more adaptive and we see some first signs.

For example, if you do a big five questionnaire in the past you had to fill in a hundred questions.

The adaptive survey is trending today. Visually supported and the survey kind of senses and calculates what number of entries is enough. So, if after ten answers they really have a good indication of your big five personality profile.

Well, they just asked ten questions or fifteen questions instead of the usual hundred. A lot more present for the people who fill in the questionnaire.

Also, performance management systems could be a lot more adaptive. Instead of saying to everybody, `this is the way you need to do it,’.

  1. From people Analytics to analytics for the people.

Many people’s analytics initiatives are still very organizational-focused.  We want something as an organization, we`re going to measure and see what we can do. A key question is; what are the benefits for the people?

What are the benefits for the employees?

often the gathered data is not even available for the employees. Sometimes when employees leave an organization the question is; Can they take their data that has been gathered over the past years? What are the benefits for the employees?  So, thinks about that and look at this HR trend from the People analytics for human resource management.

  1. Learning in the Flow of work

This HR trend has been on the list for a couple of years but hopefully this year this trend will really flow.

It`s about how can we help people in their work while they are working to become better. First, we need to observe them in their work, and secondly, we then must be able to food them with microlearning solutions that can help them now when they really need it.

Example hospital`s nurse on her way to assist in an operation. She does a little test o the key element of that operation. If you pass goodbye, good luck. But if your answers are not totally right then you get a little video on the essentials of that operation. Learning in the flow of work and with your imagination, you can see a lot of opportunities in this area. The HR trends are basically working to keep update any organization according to the needs in a modernized world.

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