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In this blog, I will discuss the top three new areas HR pros should master now to be the most effective in the modern workplace.

  • Reskilling your employees for the better tomorrow:
  •  if your company is willing to stay competitive, advanced, and want to go the extra mile, you must have the right person for the right job with the right skills to help you be innovative, advance, modern, updated, and more productive. Reskilling is a new trend aligned with HR strategies to ensure that your staff members have the required skills that need to thrive and make the transition into a new role.

The first tip is to spar with the CEO.

Negotiation skills:

we have got to have great negotiation skills now, a lot of us might be saying that’s old negotiation that does not seem new, but it is crucial as we now become strategic leaders.

We all know that our administration expertise has been replaced by technology, so our new value prop in this modern workforce is going to be including getting initiatives. past that will help create the workplace of the future. This is going to require negotiating skills because likely our proposals will ape challenge the status quo and be some sort of funding.

Proper setup:

Now if you do not have the proper setup executives might be meshed in the status quo. We might bruise their ego a little bit so knowing how to negotiate, or win is crucial. Some areas that we could focus on to make it less scary.

The easiest place to start to learn skills is internal with the sales team. This is what they do for a living.


Pick your battles to know that you should focus on one or two initiatives probably within a calendar year to present to your c-suite.  The only advocate for those items you believe will bring strong value to the organization and ones that you can defend.

Finally, is to approach all the negotiations positively. Again, it is at the ant’s, so that it should be fun sparring can be fun.  Do not go out for blood you are looking for a win-win. Be reasonable and know when it is time to say, hey I am going to live to fight another day.

Tip no two-channel your inner stretch, Armstrong.


You got to learn some agile strategies so what’s agility? Agility is simply meaning that someone can flex and pivot more easily.  particularly when you are rolling out initiatives and should know the speed of information in the competitive landscape is to making companies at the highest level to change their strategies often.

This is trickling down into our HR function as well, so talk about the agile methodology.  here’s basically Layman’s definition, “when you do something in an agile way, it simply means your initiatives, or your solutions are going to be rolled out iteratively”

so you’re going to roll things out in bite-sized chunks doing that allows for easier delivery and can get real-time feedback and then you can pivot or change if certain things aren’t working quickly.

Finally, tip number three is the time to channel that inner nerd we all got it.

Data Analytics:

You are going to become the R2D2 of your organization and you are going to fight the dark side using data, by learning data analytic skills.

HR tech is making the availability of data much more accessible. But the problem is this, a lot of us do not know what a good measure of great performance is.

We know it is esoteric and feels very subjective but that does not mean you should not home this skill. Here are few quick tips to help you hone the skill.


Do your best to clean up your database. If your data is not good, you are not going to get the best results, but if you cannot get somebody who can help you with that move forward any way you are trying to learn a new skill.

Start small, the best place to learn how to analyze data is with good old turnover.

A lot of data sets to have compared and if you do not have an HRIS system, you got a payroll system. You have got a system of records that will show when people have started and when people have left.

You want great training on this, so partner with one of your friends in accounting. Sit down with them, as they do this kind of stuff for a living and you can come up with some inferences.

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