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HR selection process





  • Steps in the selection are very important to discuss, these steps can help you to learn about the HR selection process.
    Dale Yoder says: selection process of employees is divided into two classes those who will be offered employment secondly those who will not be offered employment.

Basic steps of the selection process of HR are given below.

  • Reception of the application of candidates
  • Screening and interview
  • Application blank
  • Testing process
  • Psychological test according to the position
  • Background investigation
  • Reference check
  • Waiting
  • List of desirable candidates
  • Final selection
  • Final selection
  • Physical examination
  • Decision of placement

The very first step of collecting applications of the candidates starts after the company or any organization advertises for any job. Advertisement is posted on different platforms like social media sites, newspapers, and websites other different national or international forums according to the requirement of that job.


Shortlisting /screening

In this process applications of the candidates are shortlisted by reviewing their profile with an introductory interview call. Interest and experience are inquired, with a brief history of the career. Skills current salary is also asked with the expected salary, reason for leaving job, present job and availability for the applied job is also asked.
This call is made by the HR manager from the recruiting team. This telephonic interview is considered a more important part of the selection process as this behavior and approach of the candidate is counted.

Application blank

It then a short application that requires basic information, such as qualification, permanent address, contact email, and CV. This is mostly given on company’s websites or advertised along with application this blank is provided.
Personal Biodata: This data includes the father’s name, date of birth, age sex, Nationality, physical, disability, material status, etc.
Educational record: It includes all information related to your educational career, grades, passing years, names of degrees in descending order,
Now comes your experience and workplaces: In this category, you have to mention the record of your working experiences, names of the organizations, experience year from to, post on which you served. All that data should be started from a very recent experience.
Salary record: In this category, you have to mention your current and previous salary records.
Other activities: In this section, your personal hobbies, games, things of your interest are included.
Testing procedure: Here the ability of a candidate, his/her aptitude for the offered job is examined. Simultaneously, personality assessment, aptitude is also examined in the final selection interview.
An interview is considered an oral examination of a candidate, through the interview recruiter finds an opportunity to have a query with the candidate to understand the temper of his personality, confidence level, and other things.
Types of interviews: There are different types of interviews such as formal interviews, formal interviews, and patterned interviews, panel interviews, depth interviews, group interviews, nondirective interviews stress interviews.
Checking references: The HR personal department checks the references of the candidates. This also includes the candidate’s discipline at work and character.
Then comes the process of physical/medical examination in this process HR team enquires about the fitness and health of a candidate. Here the candidate is asked to submit his/her medical investigation report by any reputed hospital.
Placement of candidates: Now it’s time to issue the joining letter to selected candidates and place them on the vacant seat. The onboarding phase starts when the HR team assigns them their duties.
The team congratulates you on your new job.

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