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People Process Technology

The People Process Technology (PPT)

In the early 1960 people process and technology (PPT) framework started. This process was introduced to increase the efficiency of the operational tools and employees. Bruce Schneider popularized it in 1909sin the InfoSec world. Today almost every software company uses a framework for the management of information technology.
To see that why this framework is popular we have to see its credibility first. To see the entire value stream map of people process and technology and optimize the visibility of the operation and high performance is done with this framework.

What is (PPT) framework?

The people’s Process and Technology consist of the interaction of three elements. When people perform any task/work this process helps them to increase their efficiency. The usage of technology makes their work automated so, the three organizational processes become speedy. In this way, the organizational efficiency of any business is balanced within the framework of people process, and technology.

The framework can be understood through the three-legged table more easily. We generally observe that if any of the legs of the table may be smaller or shorter the balance of the table is disturbed. In the same way, if (PPT) framework shortens any of its focus less or avoided then the whole system of management will be affected.

Not only need to be focused on PPT three-legged process but it needs to be updated with modern applications. For instance, if a company or organization does not introduce new technological tools it may lag behind. To match the standards of the market it is important to remain updated about the market of technology.

The People:

According to the human resources firm people means the members of the firm/workforce. Here human resources management needs to appoint employees who shall be aware of the use of modern technology. Otherwise, effectiveness in people the team of an organization can be disturbed.

The Process:

The next formula of the framework processes, step by step process of work combine with management and employees.PPT framework defines how to implement the process for the best results? How to solve the issues in the business plan? How to maintain the accuracy of the plan with progressive results.


Third comes technology, this part of the framework defines tools/applications of modern technology. The tools play a vital role in the process and prove helpful for people. The modes of new technology assist the system of the business with enhanced methods of work.
The (PPT) is a lengthy subject with a lot of other terminologies but we have tried our best to make it easy to understand for the beginners.


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